A Cat Sitting Service in North Walsham and surrounding areas

I’m Tina Wright and I have owned and cared for kittens and cats since I was 13 years old, including pedigree, moggies and rescues. I have lots of experience with looking after the daily needs of cats, grooming, dealing with medical issues, as well as pregnant cats, newborns and kitten care. I have owned indoor cats so know the tricks to get in and out of rooms without them escaping.

I grew up with lots of animals; cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and chipmunks, as well as fish, chickens and variety of other birds. I love all animals but cats are my all time favourite. I love their curious nature, playfulness and hearing them purr.

I love spending time with them and ensure they are happy and content. I have experience with nervous cats so I can promise I’ll be patient with them and let them come to me when ready.

I currently have an indoor rescue cat called Marmalade who hates going in the cat carrier and gets distressed when being somewhere new, so a cattery is not suitable for him. I know lots of other cats find catteries stressful too; with the travel there, change of routine, strange noises and smells, and being in the vicinity of other cats.

Cats are always happiest in their home environment, that is why I started this cat sitting service to allow your cat enjoy its home comforts, stay relaxed and be well-looked after whilst you are away.

The other benefits of having a cat sitter include it can be cost effective if you have several cats, and small pets as well. It’s convenient with no drop offs or collections, and visits arranged around the dates and times you are leaving and returning home. Daily visits make your home look lived in and less vulnerable to crime.

I have a current DBS and previously being a police officer, I am security conscious so will make sure your keys are kept safe and your property secured when I leave.

I have cat sitting insurance for all eventualities and recently achieved a distinction in my Feline First Aid Diploma.